Herbal Consultations

A clinical visit with me is akin to sitting with your Earth-witch grandma over a cup of tea and treats. Come, let’s talk about what is going on with you on a deep level. Plant allies arise for you to work with, we determine the path for your holistic health, and a plan for change is set forth.

My journey has granted me many questions about what it means to be alive at this potent moment. In the process of exploring and being transformed by these inquiries, I emerged with an ever-evolving toolkit with which to re-form relationship with the psyche and rise in power.

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food, nutrition, and nourishment; overcome destructive relationship with food and develop a relationship with the great mother based on joy, beauty, and gratitude; establish a deeply nourishing relationship with food

sexual liberation & alternate forms of sexuality; personal power, and clear, effective, brave communication in relationships; release of co-dependent behavior and cultivation of ecstatic relationship with ones-self

connection with the plant world and the great mystery; plant communication and embracing the natural world as a teacher

embrace the artist’s path and find comfort & self-direction in the unstructured way; curation of one’s dream life

cultivating deep senses of bliss and sensual pleasure to inspire and fuel one’s life


Two hour initial intake & 60-70 minute follow up session a month later

$200 for the two visits

or $150 for one-two hour visit, if only one visit is desired

plus $12/fluid-oz for personal herbal formula

What a treat to meet you. I am so curious about you and your path. Would you like some tea and chocolate? I have some questions. First off: are you ready to explore?

If so, thank you, and wonderful. Please prepare for our session by filling out the intake form on this site (see “Yes Please,” below). Next, we will gather in my garden home-office where we will talk about your life - your dreams, your passions, your woes, aches and ailments, diet, bowel movements… your all. I meditate pre-session, see what arises, and offer input as we go. I take your pulses a-la-TCM, read your tongue, and together we develop a plan for your whole bodied health in the coming month. I develop an herbal formula or two to support your process and we talk about which plants will be beneficial for you to get to know over the coming period.

We will have a follow-up session the coming month to touch in on your process and progress. Herbs operate in different timelines - sometimes immediately, sometimes over a period of building in the body. We review everything to ensure that you are on the right track with your formula and routine, and make adjustments as needed.


$80-100 (sliding scale) for 60-75 minute sessions

$30 for 20 minute phone-consults

$12/fluid-oz for personal herbal formula

It is an honor to peel back the layers with you. So you came in initially to work on the skin fungus that plagues your feet, and realized along the way that boundary issues are the root ? You really want to learn to nourish yourself, but feel unsure of how to go about the process? Your inquiry into how to work with your diabetes has led you to understand that you actually need to address your relationship with your inner mother. Ah.. healing! The unfolding is grand. Ongoing herbal sessions of 60-75 minutes are held monthly-to-every 6 weeks support the multi-layered healing process and help us work with more ongoing issues. These sessions have a similar format as the initial sessions, wherein we touch base with the fundamentals of sleep, love, mood, diet, routine, dreams, thought patterns, goals, set-backs, triggers, process, and more. I continue to meditate pre-session and reflect back what comes then and during our time together. We explore your progress and your yearnings and develop processes to support you to realize your dreams.

Email me to set up your follow up session.

Cultivate Bliss


What better way to learn to experience bliss in the every day than to practice it with a professional Purveyor of Pleasure.

Email me to set up your Bliss Session.

Herb Sits

$30 flat fee

The plants speak, and if only we can listen, hear them, and follow their messages — then we can move into the place of becoming their medicine. I often direct clients towards the end of our session to find a plant in the garden that calls to them, to sit with it, and to seek consult with the plant itself. If you are wanting to go in deeper, I will guide you through processes to communicate with the plants. If you wish to have a session with me that is strictly plant-sit and learning the ways of plant communication, my garden in the Oakland Hills is here for you. In this process, I will go over technique with you and send you off to be with the plants.

Email me to set up your plant communication session.


Late Policy || Our time slot is reserved for your session. If you arrive late, the session will still end at the previously agreed-upon time. To get the maximum out of your session, please arrive early to ensure that you have a window of wiggle room that will allow us to start on time.

Reschedule & Cancellation Policy || Sessions rescheduled with greater than 24 hours notice will incur no fee. Rescheduling or cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will incur half the session fee, to be paid promptly upon time of reschedule/cancellation, regardless the reason for reschedule/cancellation. This can be issued via Venmo to @wildiris or to paypal at alexandraevanshudson@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration.